What Vendita MAS Can Do For You

Vendita MAS is an engine that puts automation in the hands of any organization, no matter the size, industry, or existing IT resources. With MAS, users can easily enable automation on any platform using a command line interface or through the MAS mobile application. MAS reduces the time and effort required for DBAs to perform routine maintenance, freeing them to innovate with clear minds and complete confidence that daily tasks can be flawlessly scheduled, executed, documented, and tracked.

Repetitive Task Automation

Quickly run or develop sequences that can run as background server tasks in an organized structure. Use these scripts to automate nearly any process, like database flashback on QA environments for testing.

Command Line Efficiency

Execute commands from CLI tools, like SQLPlus, lsnrctl, RMAN, ASM CLI, and GoldenGate on any Unix and Linux platform, including Solaris and AIX, from Vendita MAS — without the need to understand command differences across various operating systems.

Mobile Enablement

Use Vendita MAS on a mobile device (iPhone or iPad) to flawlessly execute commands with unprecedented ease across operating systems and databases.

Efficient Cluster Management

Run Unix/Linux commands for all nodes of an Oracle RAC deployment with one action and send commands to all nodes simultaneously. This can also be done for clustered application servers and all servers associated with an enterprise application.

Go Beyond DevOps

DevOps — which allows developers to instantiate platforms — is primarily focused on environment provisioning and tear-down as opposed to enabling system management. With Vendita MAS, organizations can also increase efficiency once systems are provisioned.

Easy Software Upgrade and Migration

ERP system patches and upgrades require tedious repetition of running commands for all modules. Vendita MAS users can press a button to use and run commands that compile Pro*C programs. This strategy can be used to perform a series of upgrade commands in minutes.

Control Over Storage and Systems

Execute commands from Vendita MAS to monitor and maintain operating systems, virtualization platforms and storage systems. Vendita MAS can eliminate or limit the needed interaction with systems administrators and storage administrators.

Extend Your Expertise

Vendita MAS captures SME’s expertise and puts it in the hands of DBAs. Vendita uses this capability to deliver functionality across all areas of database servers, including software, operating system, virtualization, and storage management through Vendita MAS Solution Pacs.