The Problems Vendita MAS Solves

Vendita MAS is an engine that puts automation in the hands of any organization, no matter the size, industry, or existing IT resources. With MAS, users can easily enable automation on any platform using a command line interface or through the MAS mobile application. MAS reduces the time and effort required for DBAs to perform routine maintenance, freeing them to innovate with clear minds and complete confidence that daily tasks can be flawlessly scheduled, executed, documented, and tracked.

AIX / Oracle Confusion

The Problem: DBAs working on IBM POWER® running AIX® who are unfamiliar with AIX® commands.

The MAS Solution: Vendita MAS can autonomously perform essential AIX® commands, such as system monitoring, and modify system resources without requiring your DBAs to be familiar with AIX®.

Delayed Project Timelines

The Problem: Infrastructure teams' slow provisioning of new databases delay project timelines.

The Vendita MAS Solution: MAS can provision new database servers and install Oracle Database - and other open source database - in less than one day.

Poor Database Server Performance

The Problem: To maintain proper server performance, DBAs need to have systems resources increased.

The Vendita MAS Solution: MAS allows DBAs to easily add server memory, storage and processor cores, among other system maintenance tasks through automated processes, manageable by the Vendita MAS iOS application.

Scheduling Inability

The Problem: DBAs must run scripts against many servers... a time-consuming task with no existing shortcut.

The Vendita MAS Solution: MAS has the capability to run pre-scheduled scripts against large numbers of servers simultaneously.

A Lack of Accountability

The Problem: There is no easy way to track when scripts were run, or maintenance actions performed.

The Vendita MAS Solution: MAS keeps records of every process that runs, allowing users to easily review the process output at any time.

Script Cataloging

The Problem: Inability to revert to older script versions, which renders the consequences of any errors that may occur extremely damaging.

The Vendita MAS Solution: MAS maintains unlimited versions of all the automation sequences created and allows DBAs to easily regress to older versions if necessary.

Lack of Multi-Platform Knowledge

The Problem: Most DBAs do not possess the training and experience required to be able to stand-up non-Oracle databases, when and if necessary.

The Vendita MAS Solution: MAS supports numerous open source databases, including PostgresSQL, MariaDB, MongoDB and Neo4j.

Cloud Limitations

The Problem: Cloud infrastructure built on OpenStack is limited to only provisioning and tear-down abilities.

The Vendita MAS Solution: MAS compliments this and other platforms like it, allowing products to be installed post-provisioning, as well as automating maintenance tasks.

Patching Issues

The Problem: Oracle and other databases require specific operating system patches, which are often challenging to install for both DBAs and System Administrators.

The Vendita MAS Solution: MAS can easily install both operating system and database platform patches, even if DBAs and System Administrators are not familiar with these tasks.

Zero Standardization

The Problem: IT departments with no infrastructure standardization are at risk for inaccurate or insufficient knowledge transfer during company reorganization.

The Vendita MAS Solution: MAS allows every server to be created from code that is managed with the same rigor as software.

Overworked Resources

The Problem: Overburdened DBAs lead to poor morale, a lower quality of work, and higher levels of stress.

The Vendita MAS Solution: MAS gives DBAs the power to automate routine tasks, freeing up time, eliminating the opportunity for human error, and improving resource usability.