• Licensing Cost
  • Performance
  • Utilization
  • Deployment

A leading healthcare alliance headquartered in Phoenix, AZ — responsible for managing a civilian healthcare benefits program covering a 16-state region for the U.S. Government — was looking to reduce Oracle licensing costs, maximize system utilization, and rapidly deploy and automate their Oracle Database.

To comply with this healthcare company's unique criteria, it was essential that proposed solutions be able to support active Disaster Recovery (DR) and High Availability (HA) capabilities, while also maintaining HIPPA compliance. To fulfill these requirements, the healthcare entity was examining infrastructure solutions, including x86 and Oracle Database Appliance (ODA).

MAS Solution: 

  • Reduced Cost
  • Improved Performance
  • Automated
  • Rapidly Deployed

Introduced to compete against the proposed x86 and ODA offerings, Vendita MAS on IBM Power Systems™ provided a compelling solution for the healthcare entity's Oracle workloads.

Once implemented, Vendita MAS's software bridged the technology gap and reduced the required knowledge to deploy, provision, and maintain the Oracle Database on AIX® and IBM POWER® — resulting in lower cost, faster deployment, and a more efficient IT environment for the customer.

Architected for real-time DR and HA utilizing Oracle Active Data Guard and Oracle RAC, Vendita MAS and the IBM Power Systems™ solution saved the project over $1,000,000 in Oracle software and resource costs.