• DB Performance Issues
  • Inefficiency
  • Single-Vendor Dependancy
  • Complex Maintenance

A Canada-based food retailer with a network of 1,000 corporate and franchise locations was seeking a way to increase their Oracle Database and hardware performance to create a more cost-efficient IT environment.

In addition to performance and inefficiency issues, the company was looking to rid themselves of their single-vendor dependency and complex maintenance, two features of their current infrastructure setup.

To standardize processes and simplify management, the company was considering ways to automate, as well as appliance-like systems, such as x86-based Oracle Engineered Systems.

MAS Solution:

  • Improved Performance
  • Improved Efficiency
  • Vendor Independance
  • Automation

Implemented to introduce task and process automation, increase efficiency, and improve performance, Vendita MAS brought advanced capabilities to the client, including easy migration of the customer’s current Oracle Database, system optimization, and rapid deployment.

Once implemented, Vendita’s MAS software lowered the company’s total cost of ownership by 25% through the reduction of Oracle software requirements, maximization of human resource capabilites, and improved utilization of available processor resources — resulting in immediate productivity increases.

Deploying Vendita MAS also allowed the retail company to successfully rid themselves of their single-vendor reliance.