Vendita Master Automation Sequencer (MAS)Stay In Control. Extend Your Capabilities. Enable Your IT for Innovation. 

Does your current database server setup deliver those benefits?

Enterprises depend on IT to deliver a competitive edge. The growing complexity and size of database environments strains the resources of most IT organizations, reducing agility and innovation. In fact, many IT managers report their database and system administration teams are overwhelmed with low-level tasks, including performing upgrades, fixes and patches; maintaining uptime and availability; and creating and maintaining copies of databases.

What if there was a tool that offered and went way beyond DevOps, not just building, testing, and releasing software rapidly, frequently, and more reliably, but also:

  • Automates routine tasks to free up assets.
  • Translates and interpreted for all operating systems.
  • Enables non-technical users to manipulate and manage database systems.
  • Acts as a single system, interacting with all data systems and implementing, changing, and scheduling updates and adjustments from one easily managed location, all at the same time.
  • Offers a never-before-seen level of security through built-in documentation, automatic change logs, and roll-back and time capsule features.
  • Gives even the smallest or most inexperienced IT teams the power to stay in control of their data and expand into new ventures.

Vendita Master Automation Sequencer (Vendita MAS) is the that tool. It's not just DevOps or automation... Vendita MAS means more.

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