Purchasing Oracle and other brands of IT products isn't like buying a bike. Yes - there's the upfront cost in both scenarios, but when you buy a bike, it's yours. You own it and you take care of it. Forever.

When you purchase Oracle products, you must pay for support on that product every year. The fee is normally over a fifth of your license purchase prices, and when you've already spend large amounts on the Oracle licenses, annual support fees end up consuming a large portion of your IT operational budget. 

Vendita can guide you through the initial purchase of your Oracle software, and our service doesn't stop there. We use our Oracle support renewal expertise to help you identify cost savings within your contracts, and reduce the size of your on-going support payments.

With Support Renewal services from Vendita you'll have a guide and a partner to proactively work for you as license renewals approach. Together, we'll:

  • Review all appropriate Oracle ordering documents and support renewals.
  • Highlight any inaccuracies or inconsistencies in the renewals.
  • Explore and analyze other potential variances that may exist in the supplied documentation.
  • Work on your behalf with Oracle to resolve any discrepancies.


The purchase of an Oracle product comes with a year of support and maintenance, at a fee. When you purchase more than one product, those fees add up. Further complications arise when your Oracle purchases include a wide range of products, purchased at different times throughout the year, migrated and updated licenses with adjusted renewal dates, or Oracle products from companies your organization has acquired.

To solve common issue for our clients, Vendita provides co-terming assistance that simplifies the Oracle renewal process by synchronizing all of your Oracle product expirations. With Co-terming, you'll have only one renewal date to keep track of - no matter when or how you've acquired each of your Oracle product licenses.

When you co-term, you'll enjoy easier managment and more predictable budgeting, and you'll spend less time managing contracts throughout the year.

We'll review your current Oracle license environment, discover ways to strengthen you position at the negotiation stage, and create a road map that can lead you to considerable on-going cost savings and reassurance tha you are paying the right amount.

Have you received a License Support & Maintenance renewal from Oracle and need help determining it's accuracy and proceeding with the right next steps?

Contact one of our Oracle support renewal experts today.