Vendita is home to a team of premier Oracle systems integrators, consultants, and elite Oracle Platinum Partners. We represent and resell all of Oracle's offerings, including software and hardware, engineered systems, cloud, appliance, and support products so that you can benefit from Oracle's finest scalable, stackable technologies for your IT infrastructure.

As an Oracle Platinum Partner and reseller, we provide you with end-to-end ERP solutions by getting to know your organization's needs and recommending the appropriate Oracle software solutions. And that's not where our Oracle services ends. We go beyond that by customizing our recommendations to your unique business requirements so you can process, transact, and store the data that's critical for your operations and overall success.

It's our goal to meet and achieve both your current and long-term strategic objectives, and help you grow your business successfully on top of a secure and powerful Oracle foundation.


Because we're an Oracle Platinum Partner we can offer you more aggressive pricing on Oracle licenses and support than you'd find if you were working with other resellers or directly with Oracle.

Our years of experience working with customers just like you make us experts in licensing guidelines, minimums, and discount thresholds. We've tested the waters and we know what works to get you right licensed at the best price from Oracle as possible.

Interested in our License Reselling services? Contact one of our Oracle licensing experts today.