Ease of Ownership. Consistency. Precise Performance. Future-Proof.
Do those describe your IT environment?

Engineered solutions - software, server and networking in an off-the-shelf package - were supposed to make those qualities attainable by providing an alternative to building your own system - a process that demands time, resources and expertise. But in solving some problems, engineered systems introduced new ones: server sprawl, hardware misalignment with workload needs, and support challenges.

There's a new generation of appliance-like offerings that are architected to deliver all the benefits of engineered solutions without any of the drawbacks. Vendita Database Cloud Server (DCS) belongs to this generation.

The DCS seamlessly brings Oracle and other database platforms onto IBM's Power Systems™, sealing the relationship between business and IT, and providing an easily governed, business-focused infrastructure that is agile, flexible and service-oriented.

The DCS arrives fully-provisioned and pre-tested with performance precisely aligned to your workload requirements, allowing you to take guesswork out of installing and running your database on existing or newly acquired hardware. DCS' low total cost of ownership is driven by the power and precision of the hardware, the elimination of lengthy and expensive setup, the ongoing ease of ownership in our all-in-one solution, and our DevOps-enabling MAS technology.

Vendita's Database Cloud Server (DCS)

Database Cloud Server (DCS):

  • Software, Server, Storage & Networking, All-In-One
  • Order, Receive, Rack & Run
  • Expertly Provisioned for Zero Deployment Time
  • Less Oracle Software & More Performance
  • Enterprise-Class Scale & Proficiency via IBM POWER®


  • Performance precisely aligned with workload requirements.
  • Consistent & quick deployment helps meet project deadlines.
  • Easily enables on-premise private cloud. Learn more.
  • Included Vendita MAS software delivers easy, extendable management & automation.