Vendita DCS Offering In IBM eConfigAs part of the plan for rolling out the Vendita Database Cloud Server (DCS) as an official IBM Sales Solution, Vendita DCS has just been added to IBM's econfig tool, closely following IBM's announcement letters on the solution and its unique selling point, Vendita Master Automation Sequencer - which you can read about here.

The IBM Configurator tool allows IBM Business Partners and Sellers to configure and upgrade IBM systems in an effort to create systems and solutions that make sense for their current and potential customers. Its a tool that helps its users to review expansion options, explore alternative solutions to customer problems - like Vendita DCS - and test for whether an offering us a suitable solution for their customer. Specifically, users can:

IBM Announces Vendita DCSOn April 11th, 2017, IBM announced Vendita’s Database Cloud Server (DCS) as one their primary 2017 sales play solutions! Read the announcement letter here.

The Vendita DCS solution is Oracle and other database platforms, including PostgreSQL, EnterpriseDB, and MariaDB, provisioned and pre-deployed on IBM Power Systems™, capitalizing on the advanced capabilities of the Power Systems platform, as well as Vendita’s innovative software, Master Automation Sequencer (MAS).

“Running the widely-used Oracle Database on IBM Power Systems™ servers – which offer industry-leading performance per dollar, security, and availability – is the cost effective and high performance option in the marketplace, but until now there hasn’t been an accessible path to provisioning, deploying, licensing, and maintaining the Oracle Database on Power Systems,” said William Smith, Vendita’s Chief Architect.

IBM InterConnect 2017The Vendita team just got back from attending and exhibiting IBM InterConnect this year in Las Vegas, March 19th through the 23rd. 

We joined the over 200 exhibitors and nearly 25,000 attendees who flocked to the conference to experience more than 2,000 sessions, hundreds of labs, certification courses, and countless opportunities to meet with like-minded professionals from around the world.

Good News for Legacy Brio IR UsersStill using Brio IR? You’re not the only one. Even though the Brio IR code base has existed since 1994 (ready to feel old – that’s the same year that Netscape launched the Mosiac Netscape 0.9 web browser and the show Friends started!) there’s still a sizeable loyal user base. 

Brio Interactive Reporting (IR) is a unique BI product with an exclusive set of skills.

Make Peace with AIX®As I mentioned in my last blog post, AIX® is sometimes perceived as an operating system that is difficult to use. If you are a DBA who works in AIX® and are used to working in Linux, here are some tips that can make life easier for you.