Not Everyone's Future Is Cloudy: Solutions for Oracle On-Premises ApplicationsDespite the existing strong demand for Oracle’s on-premises applications, Oracle - like just about everyone else right now - has shifted focus toward cloud offerings and away from these products.

So customers interested in all on-premises or hybrid IT environments find themselves having to turn to the channel for help in designing, procuring, and owning the non-fluffy, airborne Oracle solutions.

Oracle Database and IBM POWER: Better TogetherWhen reading the title of this blog post, doesn’t it seem like it make sense that Oracle software would run better on the company’s own hardware, like in their Oracle Database Appliance (ODA) or Oracle Exadata machines?

While it’s true that, as with almost everything, there are compelling advantages to both the ODA and Oracle Exadata, what many may not realize is that other hardware platforms – like IBM Power Systems™ -- can match, and actually even outperform the Oracle software/hardware combination.

IBM WW Marketing Webinar About Vendita DCSWhat a month we’ve had since the official IBM announcement of Vendita DCS and its closely-following inauguration into IBM’s eConfig tool for Business Partners!

In the past month we’ve been working with the IBM teams – including the Power Systems team, IBM and Oracle Alliance team, and IBM’s Worldwide Marketing Team to ensure that Business Partners have everything they need to share Vendita DCS with customers who will benefit from our unique solution for running Oracle Database on IBM Power Systems™.

SIS and Vendita CoHosted WebinarSince the official IBM announcement letter went out introducing Vendita’s Database Cloud Server (DCS) solution, we’ve been extremely busy forming valuable and important alliances with IBM Business Partners interested in how the Vendita DCS solution can make their customers’ lives a little easier – which is exactly why we got started in this business in the first place!

One Way to Save Money While Keeping Your Oracle SupportIf you are a current Oracle user, at this time of support renewal every year you're likely asking yourself — like all the other Oracle users out there — “Isn’t there any way for me to save some money on this?”

Luckily, the answer to that questions is, YES!

And even better news; that "yes" doesn't mean you have to sacrifice support.