mas savingsThrough the development of our newest product offering, Vendita Master Automation Sequencer (MAS), one of the biggest driving factors toward the creation of this automation engine software was to find a way to save companies from having to spend so much of their valuable budget on IT resources that - bogged down by necessary-but-repetitive routine tasks and processes - are unable to be used to their full potential.

we moved1As we bring this momentous year for Vendita to a close, we have yet another announcement to share... one of our office locations has a new home!

With the majority of our team split between two fabulous cities, Tampa and Toledo — plus several key members of our technical, sales, and development team busily working from their home offices scattered across North America (and even one overseas!) — it made sense to seek out a new office in Toledo, Ohio.

Vendita MAS 2.0 Release Announced by IBMOn October 10th, IBM Business Partners and Sellers alike were greeted by an email with the subject line: Newly Announced Vendita MAS 2.0 for All IBM Power Systems Servers!

infrastructure as codeAs we delve deeper and deeper into the quickly expanding realm of DevOps and automation in an effort to add more and more functionality and flexibility to our own proprietary software, Vendita Master Automation Sequencer (MAS), we are seeing more and more interest in the concept of Infrastructure as Code (IaC) - or programmable infrastructure.

DJIFu6vWAAABRejGreat news! We've been given the opportunity to present at the upcoming IBM Power Systems and IBM Storage Technical University Event help in New Orleans, October 16-20th.

We're looking forward to presenting and participating in all the networking opportunities available to attendees of this great event.