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Vendita to be Featured In Upcoming IBM Sales Enablement Spotlight SeriesMark your calendars, IBMers and Business Partners! 

As part of an ongoing sales enablement effort, IBM is hosting another set of Spotlight Series education sessions held for IBMers and Business Partners.

IBM Cognitive Systems Sales BootcampFrom an events perspective, it's been a busy year for our team and for IBM Business Partners and Sellers alike, and the conferences, business gatherings, and presentations continue!

Why Run Oracle Database On POWER? Part 3: Flexibility, Reduced Software Licensing Footprint, and Lower TCOToday we're publishing the final post in our series - Why Run Oracle Database on POWER®? If you joined us for the first two, you've already looked at this question from the standpoint of RAS, Performance, and Virtualization, as well as from the standpoint of Private Cloud Environment, Management, and Scalability/Agility.

why oracleDB on power part 2Today’s post is the second in a three-part series we’re publishing focused on why running Oracle Database on IBM POWER® is such a winning combination. If you joined us for the first post, you read about the advantages that this combination can bring you around RAS, performance, and virtualization.

Why Run Oracle Database on POWER?: Part 1Today we're publishing the first of a three-part blog post series featuring some of the most compelling reasons why running Oracle Database on IBM POWER® is a winning combination that can bring you security, stability, scalability, and processing capability at a lower Oracle licensing price point compared to x86-based systems, public cloud, and other alternatives.