DevOps - An Investor's PerspectiveDevOps - defined as a software engineering culture and practice built to unify software development and software operations - strongly advocates automation through the integration, testing, and release of software and continuing the use of automation right through deployment and infrastructure management. Why DevOps?

Because done successfully, the practice of DevOps can drastically shorten development cycles, reduce the risk of human error and inefficiency, and bring stability and standardization to database management.

As a company heavily focused on DevOps with the creation of our automation engine, Vendita Master Automation Sequencer (MAS), we are constantly speaking with other DevOps technologists, cutomers and prospects interested in getting into DevOps, DevOps skeptics, and colleagues exploring the idea. It's fascinating to learn about public opinion, market demand, and acceptance (or lack thereof) with all things technology, and we use the information we gather to help us create benefits and features of our products that deliver solutions and provide the funtionality that mean the most to MAS users. 

I was pleased to come across an excellent blog post written on DevOps from an investor's perspective, which included the following note about the growth of interest and support for DevOps:

"On Dec. 29, 2015, I bought some stock. It was a bet on DevOps that my wife kindly tolerated. Since then, the S&P 500 has risen 31 percent and my DevOps portfolio is up 113 percent. This blog is a retrospective on a bet that worked out. I was inspired by Nicole Forsgren’s talks and the “State of DevOps Report,” whose data showed better profitability, market share and stock price performance among companies claiming to do DevOps well. DevOps, after all, exists to help the business win, and as digital transformation sweeps industry after industry, technologists increasingly are in a position to make that difference...

At the one-year mark, I summarized the results. The crazy project was up 12 percent against an S&P that was up 8 percent—a nice little win. The first six months of 2018 have been tremendous, though: The S&P is up almost 2 percent and the portfolio is up 42 percent."

Read the full blog post to learn more about one man's investment in DevOps.