MAS In Action - Part 2: Retail Use CaseIf you caught the first post in this series, MAS In Action - Part 1, you may have read up on the problems that our Master Automation Sequencer (MAS) cross-platform automater can solve for users, learned about the cost savings MAS users can expect, and explored how we solved some particular issues that a healthcare customer of ours was experiencing.

Today's post looks at the issues we were able to resolve for a customer from a different industry - retail - utilizing the MAS technology.

Comprised of a network with more than 1,000 corporate and franchise locations, a Canadian-based retail company was looking for an innovative way improve upon their existing Oracle Database and hardware performance to build a more cost-efficient IT environment.

A driving factor in their search for a new way of running IT operations was that the company was dependent upon single vendors for support of their complex system setup, leading to expensive and non-agile maintenance and management practices.

The company was searching for a way to automate tasks in order to standardize processes and simplify management, and for this they were considering a move to an x86-based Oracle Engineered System.

Instead, the company found Vendita MAS, which helped them achieve their goals, including:

  • Easy migration of their current Oracle Database
  • System optimization
  • Rapid deployment

After implementation, the Vendita’s MAS software was able to reduce the company’s total cost of ownership by 25% through the reduction of Oracle software requirements, maximization of human resource capabilities, and improved utilization of available processor resources — resulting in immediate productivity increases.

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