mas savingsThrough the development of our newest product offering, Vendita Master Automation Sequencer (MAS), one of the biggest driving factors toward the creation of this automation engine software was to find a way to save companies from having to spend so much of their valuable budget on IT resources that - bogged down by necessary-but-repetitive routine tasks and processes - are unable to be used to their full potential.

So how have we accomplished this cost savings with Vendita MAS? To demonstrate for you, in this blog post we've extrapolated how much MAS could potentially save a mid-sized company with a 5-member DBA staff, based on man hours saved through various mechanisms. The working scenario uses a DBA salary of $120K, annually.

We focused on 5 general areas where Vendita MAS can assist in reducing DBA workloads and costs:

  1. Automation
  2. Ongoing Management
  3. Provisioning
  4. Patching
  5. Compliance


Automating tasks performed routinely, sometimes 3 or 4 times per day, is highly beneficial. If automating one task can save 30 minutes per day, that results in 22 days of productivity saved per year. Assuming 6 tasks can be automated for a savings of 3 hours per day, that would equate to 1,056 hours of productivity saved per year - over 1/3 the cost of a DBA salary.

Ongoing Management:

Standing up and managing DLPARs requires knowledgeable DBAs, time, and effort. The Vendita MAS IBM Power and Oracle Database Solutions Pac enables the creation and management of DLPARs. Automating this effort can save hundreds of man hours per year. For the purposes of this blog post and to be specific with regards to the scenario we've put forth, we estimate savings of 520 hours per year.


Vendita MAS' IBM POWER and Oracle Database Solutions Pac enables the creation of a multi-DLPAR server, allowing a bare-metal server to be fully provisioned, including OS and Oracle software installation. One key feature here is the concept of using Infrastructure as Code (IaC) - a paradigm where systems are automatically built, provisioned, and managed through code instead of using less flexible scripting or a manual process. Teams can use configuration language (code) to automatically provision and manage environments through code instead of manual processes, create settings and features, and apply them universally with the touch of a button. We estimate that the amount of savings these MAS features bring equate to approximately 250 hours per year.


The Vendita MAS Baseline Command Pac allows users to create their own automations. Users can connect to the databases and run stored procedures to perform routine tasks, including server patching. It doesn't matter if you have 10 servers or 1,000, Vendita MAS allows you to apply patches across your entire environment with the push of a button. We estimate savings of approximately 250 hours per year.


With the Vendita MAS Security and Compliance Pac, admins can run all sequences, and maintenance users can only run status and reporting sequences. Vendita MAS maintains a detailed history of all activities, facilitating easy auditing and monitoring, available through both APIs and database reporting views, and allowing easy inclusion in security and compliance reports.

We've all heard the stories about companies being audited by Oracle, resulting in a 7-figure bill. We estimate the savings associated with maintaining compliance is approximately 1,250 ours per year.


If you were counting along and doing the math, you will see that Vendita MAS can potentially save approximately 3,326 man hours per year. That equates to around $200,000 in savings. And this doesn't just have to equate to lowering personnel costs. Imagine freeing up your DBAs so that their time and efforts can be directed toward working on higher level projects.