MAS, Automation & DevOps

DevOps - An Investor's PerspectiveDevOps - defined as a software engineering culture and practice built to unify software development and software operations - strongly advocates automation through the integration, testing, and release of software and continuing the use of automation right through deployment and infrastructure management. Why DevOps?

MAS In Action - Part 2: Retail Use CaseIf you caught the first post in this series, MAS In Action - Part 1, you may have read up on the problems that our Master Automation Sequencer (MAS) cross-platform automater can solve for users, learned about the cost savings MAS users can expect, and explored how we solved some particular issues that a healthcare customer of ours was experiencing.

MAS Helps Healthcare Company Lower Oracle Licensing CostsWe've talked a little bit before about the problems that our Master Automation Sequencer (MAS) cross-platform automater can solve for users, and wrote about the kind of cost savings MAS users could expect to see after implementing the automation engine into their IT environments.

A Migration from Oracle to IBM POWER is Easier Than You ThinkThe writing is definitely on the wall. With reports coming out that Oracle has laid off most of their Sun and Solaris sales and support staff, everyone knows that the sun is setting on Sparc.

Every organization running Oracle workloads on Sun hardware is being forced to do the best they can to distribute weight precariously across the thin ice they now stand on, and identify a new stable platform on which to run their Oracle workloads that won't take too long to provision, deploy, and successfully manage.

Vendita MAS Introduction and Features VideoIt's an exciting week for Vendita! 

Currenlty, several members of our team are attending and exhibiting at IBM Think in Las Vegas - and we'll be presenting an IBM-sponsored Mini TedTalk out there on Thursday, too!