Our Team

Vendita is led by high-level executives with expertise in the areas of IT, Consulting, Sales, and Marketing.

Working alongside our executives, Vendita is home to a team of IT professionals who, through years of experience working with Oracle, IBM, and our customers, possess the skills to help you procure, apply, and maintain your IT environment.

Our focus and ability to build trust and long-standing relationships with our customers, business partners, and suppliers has given us the opportunity to work with IT environments and teams of all sizes - from the most complex enterprises to the simple-and-equally-important small businesses.

Vendita has been recognized with rewards from the likes of IBM and Oracle for our practice of handling projects with the knowledge that our customer relationships always come first.

Below we'd like to introduce you to each member of our team who will be happy to help you address challenges, solve issues, and assist you in any way possible.