Vendita is a collection of experts with experience working with and for technology giants, like Oracle and IBM, with a mission to simplify the process of purchasing, deploying, and managing our clients’ IT environments.

We have built strong partnerships with trusted companies, like Oracle and IBM, so that we can build and manage our customers’ ideal on-premise, off-premises and cloud workplaces, offer IT solutions, and provide license management. And now we are most excited with our recent and original technology developments, born from our experience with Oracle and IBM products and services.

Working as closely as we do with customers led us to identify common issues and roadblocks. The more we listened, the more we realized there were opportunities to ease their pains with our originally-engineered Vendita License Manager (VLM), a product and service hybrid tool that ensures clients are completely compliant and right-licensed at all times. And our problem-solving didn't stop there.

Our customers – and Oracle and IBM themselves – came to us in need of a way to bring Oracle software and databases together with IBM for a best-of-breed system. We call it a configured data server – and we built it. The Database Cloud Server is a revolutionary product with seamless software and hardware compatibility, functionality, monitoring and license management.

In addition to offering all Oracle and IBM products and services, Vendita now provides custom solutions to technology challenges, including VLM, the Database Cloud Server and a specific list of targeted technology services that directly relate to Oracle, IBM and our own product offerings.