Vendita is a collection of experts with experience working with and for technology giants, like Oracle and IBM, and a mission to simplify the process of purchasing, deploying, and managing our clients’ IT environments.

Our strong partnerships with trusted companies, like Oracle and IBM, help us build and manage our customers’ ideal on-premises, off-premises, and cloud workplaces, offer innovative IT solutions, and provide license management. 

Our customers – and Oracle and IBM themselves – came to us in need of a way to bring Oracle software and databases together with IBM for a best-of-breed system. Vendita's Database Cloud Server is a revolutionary product with seamless software and hardware compatibility, functionality, monitoring and license management.

In addition to offering all Oracle and IBM products and services, Vendita now provides custom solutions to technology challenges, including VLM, the Database Cloud Server and a specific list of targeted technology services that directly relate to Oracle, IBM and our own product offerings.

Beyond our complete server solution offering, Vendita has engineered a game-changing automation engine, Vendita Master Automation Sequencer (MAS), with capabilities extending beyond Configuration Management Tools and productizing Infrastructure as Code (IaC).